UAB “Dangos inžinerijos centras” implements a project co-financed by the EU to expand the research base in the field of laser technologies

The Coating Engineering Center (DIC) has consistently invested in a research and development (R&D) base to meet market needs for coatings quality, durability, abrasion resistance, environmental friendliness and increased productivity, sales and exports, but the company’s investment is hampered by Lack of R & D equipment. Within the framework of the project, the upgraded laboratory equipment will allow for the productive development of coating research and the creation of new services that will allow to meet the expectations of users to the maximum. This will pave the way for expansion into new EU markets. DIC services allow important Lithuanian companies to reduce equipment repair costs and downtime losses, and laser cladding (LP – coating of metal surfaces with a different metal – powder coating, using a laser beam in the coating process) is a new technology that has just begun to be adopted worldwide. Therefore, the new services created with the help of the DIC laboratory will have a positive impact on Lithuania’s overall competitiveness in the international market and will increase Lithuania’s R&D potential. Due to the technological features, it is not possible to transfer the R&D results obtained with small models to significantly larger models. Through R&D, DIC is constantly looking for alternative, more advanced, safer ways to renovate the surfaces of high-quality parts using high-tech technologies to displace less efficient and dangerous traditional methods such as chromium plating. At the end of the project, the research equipment purchased during the project will be used for the research planned in the company. The scientific knowledge and skills acquired by staff will be used in new research. New jobs for researchers and support staff will be created and maintained during the project.

LTL 821,042 support was allocated from the European Regional Development Fund for the implementation of the project.

Project implementation duration 18 months.

UAB Dangos inžinerijos centras is an industrial equipment parts restoration company that performs works using modern parts coating methods and has the appropriate infrastructure, equipment and extensive staff experience to perform these works. The company’s production and research base is in Kaunas. The production areas are 1000 m2 and the laboratory occupies over 500 m2. In this base, the company offers its customers a wide range of industrial machine parts restoration, using turning, grinding, milling operations and a full range of thermal spraying processes (HVAF, HVOF, CTS, PTA, etc.), enabling to cover customer parts with hard core, ceramic, polyamide coatings, superalloys (based on nickel or cobalt), aluminum, zinc, babite, molybdenum and many others. VP2-1.3-ŪM-03-K-03-023 under the Measure “Intelligence LT +” for the Implementation of Priority 1 “Research and Technological Development for Economic Competitiveness and Economic Growth” of the Operational Program for Economic Growth, the task of which is to increase the activity of research and technological development in the private sector.