Low pressure cold spray technology (Gas Dynamic Cold Spray) was installed in our company in 2019 when the need arose to restore micro damage and aluminum housing bearings. This technology helps offer customers an even wider range of equipment component restoration options.

GDCS technology is used for the following works:

  • Defect removal of hydraulic pistons;
  • Restoration of bearing housings for aluminum housings;
  • Corrosion of internal combustion engine heads and elimination of mechanical defects;
  • Removal of mechanical defects in the internal combustion engine unit;
  • Damping of shock absorber rods;
  • Restoration of cast defects;
  • Elimination of defects in auto radiators, heating and cooling pipes of automotive equipment.

The main parameters of GDCS technology:

  • High adhesion (30-80 MPa);
  • Low porosity (1-3%);
  • Coating thicknesses from 0.01mm to 50mm;
  • Surface roughness Rz = 20-40;
  • The coating is easily applied by all standard methods of application;
  • This coating can be applied to all metal (and not only) surfaces.