Get to know the industries for which our company provides repair services. Click on the branch of interest to learn more.


Restoration of discharge valve shafts of A 14 engines;


The company performs coating of heat exchangers with high-temperature anticorrosive materials.


Coating of hydrocarbon and air reciprocating compressor piston rods with ceramic coating enhances their service life for 7 – 8 times.

Power generation

Recovery of superficial dimensions of electrically driven turbo machinery spindles of all types, rotor wheels, joints and beds; enhancement level of protection against abrasion, applying HVAF and HVOF methods.


Restoration of bearing journals of mounted wheels, using HVOF and CTS methods.


Restoration of fluid pressure cylinder pivots of deck equipment and their protection against further corrosion under marine environment.


The company performs grinding of working faces of crush rollers, aligning rollers, calender rolls and restoration of bearing seats of different shafts.

Food & Beverage

The company offers food industry enterprises to repair bread dispensers using anticorrosive materials.

Wood & Furniture

Coating of modelling and varnishing shafts and pistons with coatings that substitute solid chromium, restoration of beds of plane WEINIG applying carbide coatings and restoration of spindle seats and spindle shafts, bearing replacement.


Coating of wire drawing cones, size rolls, firing shafts, transportation shafts with carbide, stellite, nickel and aluminide coatings for enhancement of service life of components from several to tens of times.

Municipal facilities

Restoration of console crane cable drums of 20T lifting capacity.

Oil & Gas

Repair of high pressure pumps, production of hydraulic nozzles and coating of hydraulic pistons with hard metal, chrome and oxide alloys.

Pulp & Paper

Restoration of shaft bearing seats and working surfaces of vacuum, calender, Janki cylinders, renovation sealing surfaces of hydropulper seats, hydropulper impellers, applying HVOF and HVAF methods and ceramic, carbide and PTA superalloy coatings.

Construction and quarry machines

Our company repairs components of large construction and quarry equipment.

Press Machinery

The company performs: complex restoration of printing rollers, restoration of main shafts of platens, carbide coating of control surfaces and planes, grinding of molding shafts and coating of varnishing shafts with copper, ceramic and polyamide coatings.


Restoration of straw cutter bearing seats and dynamic balancing of shafts.