About us
Dangų Inžinerijos Centrą

1000 m²

production area

500 m²

the laboratory

UAB “Dangų inžinerijos centras” is a company providing services related to restoration of industrial plant components. All works are executed using modern component coating methods and appropriate infrastructure, facilities and wide experience of personnel. Manufacturing and testing base of the company is located at Jegainės st. 6 in Kaunas. Production area takes 1000 m2 and the laboratory takes more than 500 m2.

At the manufacturing and testing base the company offers clients a wide choice of large-sized component restoration, applying lathing, grinding, milling and different thermal spray processes (HVAF, HVOF, CTS, PTA and other.) that are used for coating of clients’ components with hard metal, ceramic coating, polyamide coating, superalloys (nickel-containing alloys or cobalt-containing alloys), aluminium, zinc, babbitt metal, molybdenum and many other.